There are a wide variety of sources of additional information available on the worldwide web on paternity testing and child support. Some focus on very specific aspects while others provide broader information. Some of the more useful resources are included below, grouped according to their primary purpose.

Government Child Support Enforcement Resources

Child support enforcement is a national program. At the federal government level, it is overseen by The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) , which is in the US Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. Their main website is a very useful gateway to resources available from the government:

Each state government also has responsibility in child support enforcement. The OCSEprovides a convenient gateway to all the state child support enforcement programs through its website:

Paternity Testing Industry Resources

AABB – American Association of Blood Banks 
An independent accreditation organization for paternity testing laboratories

Child Support Trade Associations

NCSEA – National Child Support Enforcement Association 
A national association of child support enforcement professionals.

ERICSA – Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Enforcement Association 
An association serving child support enforcement professionals in the region of the US east of the Mississippi river.

WICSEC – Western Interstate Child Support Enforcement Council 
An association serving child support enforcement professionals in the region of the US west of the Mississippi river.

Advocacy Groups

The following references are provided to specialty interest groups:

Father’s Rights – a group supporting Fathers in child support and custody matters.

ACES – Association for Children for Enforcement of Support – a group working to improve child support enforcement.

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