Paternity DNA Testing has become a powerful tool in solving common, but difficult, societal issues including, but not limited to, questioned paternity, adoption disputes, infidelity issues, estate claims, uncertainty about lineage and ancestry and cases involving missing loved ones. Peace of Mind Paternity & DNA Testing not only provides quality DNA Testing to solve these issues, but we also understand the clients perspective and their needs are always put first.

At Peace of Mind our mission is to provide our clients with legal court admissible Paternity DNA Test at a reasonable rate. We are dedicated to educating our clients about their rights and providing them the resources necessary to assist them with their needs once their DNA Test has been processed. We understand the emotional and personal nature of the Paternity DNA Testing situations and our primary focus is ensuring that our clients achieve Peace of Mind as we assist them in determining the truth about their situation. We accomplish this by delivering outstanding services that make DNA Testing as simple and stress-free as possible.

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