DNA Identity Testing is often used to determine whether individuals are related as full or half-siblings, or have a parent-child relationship. This is especially useful for immigration to the United States or Canada, when one relation is a legal resident. When there is insufficient documentation to bring a relative into the country, all doubt is removed by conducting a DNA test.

Our DNA test is among the most accurate available today for determining paternity and other family relationships. At Peace of Mind Paternity’s laboratory , we have the ability to test up to 20 different regions of DNA in order to ensure the results of your test are the most accurate. We also have alternative technologies like Y-STR’s and mitochondrial DNA testing to test paternal and maternal lineage.

US Government INS/DHS Approved – Based on the AABB accreditation that Peace of Mind Paternity’s laboratory has, we are approved by the INS/DHS as a supplier for immigration testing. Peace of Mind supports the results we issue and will assist the Embassy and/or our clients with the interpretation of results after they have been issued if required.

For immigration cases, paternity or maternity tests may be performed, or a Family Study Test is used to identify a biological relationship other than paternal or maternal. For example, it may be used to test if an aunt or uncle is related to a niece or nephew. Our highly trained staff will discuss each case with you to ensure that the most appropriate “known” relatives are tested and that the best DNA technology is used, in order to provide the most conclusive result.

Uniting Families Around the World ­ Peace of Mind Paternity has a network of thousands of specimen collection sites in North America plus hundreds throughout the world. The samples for any particular case do not have to be collected in the same place at the same time. The US Embassy or Peace of Mind Paternity can schedule overseas appointments. The results for every DNA immigration case can be sent to Embassies and to the local Service Centers by Airborne Express. For more information, or to schedule a test, please call Peace of Mind Paternity at 1-866-51-PEACE (73223).